R2R 2016 Mini Tour Current Standings

Following the matches at Oundle yesterday, 6th March, here are the current standings.


1,      Archie Blackburn                                 1500pts

2=      Lewis Clarke                                        1000pts

         Grace Hornsby                                     1000pts

4=     James Griffiths                                     800pts

          Oliver  Shephard – Andrews             800pts

          Olivia Marshall                                    800pts

          Ryan Moden                                        800pts

           Joshua Ratcliffe                                  800pts

9=      Cameron Pearson                               700pts

10=    Freddie Rogers                                    600pts

          Charlotte Byron                                  600 pts

12=    Alfie Last                                              400pts

          Jack Kemsley                                      400pts

          Eleanor Hart                                       400pts


And the Oranges


1        Freddie Haynes                                 1400pts

2        Vedant Rathore                                1200pts

3        Sam Marshall                                     1100pts

4        William Barnes                                 1000pts

5=      Joseph Brading                                 800pts

          Jude Garratt                                       800pts

7        Eliza Mardon                                     700pts

8=      India Curtis                                        400pts

          Sam Levick                                          400pts

          Oscar Hill                                             400pts


One Response to R2R 2016 Mini Tour Current Standings

  1. Richard Wilson-R2R Director says:

    Well done to all players and referee,Pete.Still a long way to go. Next event stamford grade 4 over Easter

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