R2R Mini Tour Uppingham Report and Standings as at 23rd May 2016

R2R hosted a very busy Mini Red and Orange tournament at Uppingham Community College on May 22nd. This, the fifth round of the R2R MIni Tour saw 10 reds and 8 oranges enjoy the 4 new courts that are now regularly used by Rutland Tennis Academy on Tuesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

The eventual winners were Warwick Harrison Smith in the Oranges and a triple tie for first place in the Reds between Lewis Clarke, Alfie Rymer and Oliver Shepherd Andrews.

R2R Tennis Director Richard Wilson said ‘It was fantastic to see some great tennis played and the umpires deserve special mention for their hard work throughout the day ‘.

Following on from the latest (fifth) round of the R2R Mini Tour at Uppingham Community College (UCC) on 22nd May the latest standings are as follows:

Reds after 5 events:

1,     Archie Blackburn                                 3500pts

2,     Lewis Clarke                                           3200pts

Oliver Shephard – Andrews              2800pts

4,     Monty Adams                                        2000pts

5,     Grace Hornsby                                       1800pts

6,     Charlotte Byron                                    1600 pts

Olivia Marshall                                     1600pts

8,     Cameron Pearson                                1500pts

9,     Alfie Last                                                 1200 pts

Freddie Rogers                                      1000pts

Alfie Rymer                                             1000pts

12,    James Griffiths                                       800pts

Ryan Moden                                          800pts

Joshua Ratcliffe                                    800pts

Jack Kemsley                                          800pts

16,    Isabelle Symons                                    400pts

Max Tetlow                                            400pts

Finlay Smith                                           400pts

Louis Taylor                                            400pts

Katie Holdsworth                                 400pts

Jo Mariner                                              400pts

Evie Volkes                                             400pts

Lily Winterton                                       400pts

Katie Struthers                                      400pts


AND the Oranges after 5 events:


1, Sam Marshall                                    2100pts

2,   Freddie Haynes                              2100pts

3,  Warwick Hamilton-Smith            1800pts

4, Oscar Hill                                          1600pts

5, Vedant Rathore                               1200pts

William Barnes                                1000pts

7,  Amelia Hudson                                800 pts

Joseph Brading                                800pts

Jude Garratt                                       800pts

Eleanor Hart                                      800pts

11,Eliza Mardon                                   700pts

Rosie Tetlow                                      700pts

13, India Curtis                                      400pts

Sam Levick                                       400pts

Andres Sanchez-Duncan              400pts

Charles De Capell Brooke             400pts

Matthew Struthers                             400pts

Benjamin Thorne                                 400pts



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