Stamford Enjoys First Quorn Family Tennis Cup



Stamford's QUORN Family Tennis Cup playersStamford held their inaugural Quorn Family Tennis Cup on a bright and sunny afternoon in late May. Owing to a combination of factors such as short deadline for entries and clashing with a football event in town,only four pairs entered.

Designed to encourage families to play tennis together each pair had to comprise of a 10 & Under child and any adult(18+) family member. On the day we had two father and son pairs, one mother and son and one mother and daughter enter.

The event was held on the much smaller than standard Mini Red courts using Mini Red, low compression, balls and everyone had to play with either a 21 or 23 inch mini tennis racket. We held a round robin tournament where every pair would play against every other pair in a timed match of ten minutes per round. Tie break scoring was used.

In the first round Mark and Jamie Anderson just nipped a win from Lottie and Nancy Butler, 11-10 while Patricia and Seb Beedell had a slightly more one sided victory, 14-1 over Lukas and Artur Bubla.

Lottie and NancyThe middle round saw Mark and Jamie triumph over Lukas and Artur, Patricia and Seb winning against Lottie and Nancy.

Round three saw the two pairs at the top of the leaderboard play for the title and the other two pairs battle out for third/fourth place. Lottie and Nancy took the match 16-5 to claim third spot ahead of Lukas and Artur. In a very close match, Mark and Jamie just took the title, 11-10, over Patricia and Seb.

Mark and Jamie finished first place with 3 wins and 38 points,

Patricia and Seb second with 2 wins and 37 points,

Lottie and Nancy Butler came third with 1 win and 33 points,

Lukas and Artur finished in fourth with no wins and 8 points.

The ChildrenAt the presentation, Referee and Head Coach Carole Wilson thanked everyone for taking part and presented all the children with certificates and a Goodie Bag provided by tournament sponsor, Quorn. Winners and Runners Up also got a further certificate and a Quorn T shirt. Tournament winners Mark and Jamie Anderson will also be invited to go through and play in the regional finals.

While the entry was smaller than we had hoped for, everyone had a good time and enjoyed their matches. The Adults certainly found the smaller court, low bounce and small rackets quite tough initially.

PS: For the record, the Mums beat the Dads in a ‘friendly’ match at the end!


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