R2R Mini Tour 2016 Final Standings

Following the last of the 8 exciting rounds played at venues across the R2R locations over the summer, the Mini Red results are first, followed by the Mini Orange results.

Mini Red Tour Final Standings:-

Position Name Total Points
1st Oliver Shephard-Andrews 5000
2nd Archie Blackburn 4900
3rd Grace Hornsby 4500
4th Lewis Clarke 3600
5th Cameron Pearson 3500
6th Charlotte Byron 3000
7th Alfie Last 2200
8th= Ryan Moden 2000
8th= Monty Adams 2000
10th Evie Volkes 1800
11th= Olivia Marshall 1600
11th= Max Tetlow 1600
13th Jack Kemsley 1200
14th= Freddie Rogers 1000
14th= Alfie Rymer 1000
16th= Sina Mani 800
16th= James Griffiths 800
16th= Joshua Ratcliffe 800
19th= Isabelle Symons 400
19th= Finlay Smith 400
19th= Louis Taylor 400
19th= Katie Holdsworth 400
19th= Jo Mariner 400
19th= Lily Winterton 400
19th= Katie Struthers 400
19th= Finlay Knopwood 400
19th= Finlay Gray 400


Mini Orange Tour Final Standings to follow:-


1st Freddie Haynes 3500
2nd Sam Marshall 2500
3rd Oliver Bardwell 2000
4th= Rosie Tetlow 1800
4th= Warwick Hamilton-Smith 1800
6th Oscar Hill 1600
7th Eliza Mardon 1400
8th Vedante Rathmore 1200
9th William Barnes 1000
10th= Amelia Hudson 800
10th= Yogi Pateman 800
10th= Joseph Brading 800
10th= Jude Garrett 800
10th= Eleanor Hart 800
10th= India Curtis 800
16th= Sam Levick 400
16th= Andres Sanchez-Duncan 400
16th= Charles de Capell Brooke 400
16th= Matthew Struthers 400
16th= Benjamin Thorne 400
16th= Beau Archer  400




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  1. Richard Wilson says:

    Its been a great summer tour-thanks to all the players and parents support

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