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Tennis lessons across Rutland, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Northamptonshire.

Mini Red - Age 3 - 8

Perfect for young players to get introduced to the sport of tennis, our tennis lessons for ages 3-8 gradually develop basic tennis skills and knowledge.

Mini Orange - Age 8 - 9

Players in this age bracket will begin to hone and develop their tennis skills while still playing on a smaller court.

Mini Green - Age 10

At this age, children begin to evolve into more technical and skilful players who are ready for more competitive matches and programmes.

R2R Juniors (Age 11-18)

Players of 11 years or older will take part in full-court lessons with a full ball.Lessons for this age group aim to prepare players for competitive matches and maximize their tennis potential.

Adult lessons

R2R Tennis offers adult tennis lessons. There are a number of different adult tennis programmes coached by our R2R Tennis staff.

Private lessons

R2R Tennis and their coaches offer private tennis lessons

Junior Lessons

Junior tennis lessons offered by R2R Tennis coaches are structured to help players build a well-rounded foundation of tennis knowledge and skills from a young age.

Our junior tennis programme is broken up into four separate age groups, with each stage representing a step-up in progress.

This process helps the young players understand the basics of tennis while providing a fun, engaging atmosphere.

Adult lessons

Our coaches understand that there are a number of different reasons as to why you may want to join an adult tennis lesson.

That is why there is an adult tennis lesson for every player, regardless of skill level or aspiration.

A range of adult classes are offered, including classes to improve your cardio, team coaching, and more.

Classes aim to sharpen players skills while continuing to add new techniques and skills.

Private lessons

Contact one of our coaches to set up a private session at your own court, or choose to have the private lesson at one of our affiliate club’s facilities.

Private tennis lessons with our R2R Tennis coaches allows you to access high level coaching and programming, no matter what your tennis goals are.

Whether you are looking to compete in competitive tournaments or you’re just using tennis for a fun way to stay active, our coaches will have a professional programme just for your needs.

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