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Wednesday 4:15 – 5.15 – Ketton – Mini Reds

Starts from From: £42.00


The price is for the full period. Book only the first block and you will be booked in for the rest of the term.

 To book

1. Select how many persons

2.Click on date block and Time and book now

3.Confirm lesson details on cart and click proceed to check out

4. Complete details, pay


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🎾 Ketton Tennis Club Mini Reds: Unleash Your Child’s Inner Champion 🎾

  Dive into the heart of tennis at Ketton Tennis Club with our Mini Reds programme! Tailored for the ambitious young player keen on mastering the game, this programme is your child’s ticket to becoming a team tennis sensation. From tactics to tennis-specific fitness, we’ve designed our coaching to transform your child into a well-rounded player ready for competitive play.

📅 Set Your Serves for Success:

  • The fun kicks off on 12th June 2024 and runs until 7th July 2024.     
  • Every Wednesday, from 4:14 to 5:15 pm, the courts of Ketton come alive with the energy and enthusiasm of our Mini Reds.

💷 Championship Investment at £42:

For a six-week term of professional coaching and endless fun, £42 is a small price to pay for the giant leap in your child’s tennis journey.

🏆 More Than Just Coaching:

Our programme is specially designed for players who dream of playing team tennis. We focus on crafting strategies, enhancing tennis-specific fitness, and honing the skills necessary for competitive play. It’s about building champions both on and off the court.

📍 Your Venue for Victory:

Ketton Tennis Club at Ketton Sports & Community Centre, Pit Lane, Ketton, STAMFORD, Leicestershire, PE9 3SZ, is where your child’s tennis dreams take flight. With top-notch facilities and a community of passionate players, it’s the perfect ground for growth and camaraderie.

📞 Get in Touch with Your Coach:

Have a volley of questions or ready to sign up? Libby Duncan is here to help your child smash their tennis goals. Reach her at 07948102901 or send an ace to libby@r2rtennis.co.uk.

Why the Mini Reds Programme?

  • Targeted Coaching: Direct focus on building team players with a keen understanding of tennis tactics and fitness.
  • Grow in the Game: It’s not just about learning; it’s about excelling in team environments and preparing for competitive tennis.
  • Community and Competition: Join a group of like-minded young athletes all striving for their personal best in a supportive setting.

Serve Up Their Spot Now!

Don’t let your child miss out on the opportunity to shine among the Mini Reds at Ketton Tennis Club. Limited spaces mean limited chances to join this elite journey towards tennis excellence.
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